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Thread: .NET WebForm --> ActiveX Control???

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    Hi everybody, <BR> I just wrote a .NET web form application, and the powers that be have asked if I could retrofit it to an ActiveX control they could plop on a webpage, and what kind of effort would be involved. Their thinking is that if all the controls, etc were already on the client&#039;s machine and didn&#039;t have to be sent as part of a webpage, performance might be significantly enhanced.<BR> I have no idea if this is possible or easily done, though I know it&#039;s probably not a good idea. I&#039;d think offhand that the .NET framework and ActiveX would be completely incompatible, but you never know until you ask I guess. Has anyone else looked into this?<BR>

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    Default Not a good idea

    Your users will undoubtedly have all sorts of problems installing the control. You&#039;ll need to purchase a certificate for it so the browser can react properly to the installation request. And, they&#039;ll have to go through that mess each time you change the public interface to any of the classes which generates a new class id for the control. what a pain...<BR><BR>Of course, IE would be the only browser you could use.<BR><BR>You are much better off just writing client side JavaScript to do what you want. If most of the code is in a .js file, it will be cached after the first page load. Thus, eliminating most of the bandwidth savings "the powers that be" think they are going to get.

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