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    Here&#039;s a dilemma: I have a bunch of text fields that are hidden on a page. I want the user to be able to tab to each of them. But if they&#039;re hidden, of course they don&#039;t get tabbed to. I am looking for a way to capture the tab keystroke, and from that display the appropriate form field. Are there any FAQs to do with capturing user&#039;s keystrokes from javascript? thx<BR><BR>~~Chaotix

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    Default and the JS FAQ

    They&#039;ll have ways to capture keystrokes in various browsers.<BR><BR>But how will you then tell whether *this* particular TAB is the one you need to use???<BR><BR>Why not just use the onBlur() of the prior form field to trigger the disply of the hidden field and then focus() to it?<BR><BR>OH! I just realized! Since hidden form fields don&#039;t work with Netscape 4, anyway, at least you don&#039;t have to worry about the worst of the browser weirdnesses. I gather this is for inTRAnet? So you can be MSIE-compliant only?<BR><BR>In that case, with MSIE I think you can even capture keystrokes from a given form field. Not sure about TAB though. It might not qualify as a "keystroke" for those purposes.<BR><BR>But will at least get you started.<BR><BR>

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