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    Greetings Again, <BR><BR>Okay, here&#039;s what I have found out. I can create the object, but I can&#039;t access any of the methods or properties EXCEPT for the version!!!!!<BR><BR>If I instantiate a variable with objMail.Version (objMail is my object) and then do a Response.Write I see the version (1.2).<BR><BR>If I try to set ANY of the properties on the mail object it pukes! The only error code I get is 0x8007007F. This is either "Can&#039;t find module" or "Can&#039;t find procedure" near as I can tell.<BR><BR>Has ANYONE seen this before? I checked services to make sure that everything was running. What are the dependencies for the CDONTS.dll within IIS 5? We are going to reapply SP3 for 2000, but at this point I am fresh out of ideas.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    AFAIK the only dependency is IIS SMTP

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