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    I need someone&#039s help here... ok... I have a database... and in it.. it has a different row for each page on the site.. and... it has a variable for each site... so... we&#039ll say.. Welcome.. and it would = welcome.asp... well.. what I want is that it will do a database lookup and find out the page for Welcome... well.. it&#039s welcome.asp.. but.. how do I get it to load that page... I found out one way by reading the file line by line then outputting it.. but... that actually shows the code of the ASP page<BR><BR>here is the code I use now:<BR><BR>sql = "Select * FROM Pages where t = &#039"& Request("t") &"&#039"<BR>set PageRS = conn.execute(sql)<BR>Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")<BR>NewF ile = Server.MapPath ("/")&"\" & PageRS("URL")<BR>Set f = fs.OpenTextFile(NewFile, 1)<BR>Response.Write f.ReadAll<BR>f.Close<BR><BR>using this code it actually shows the code of the ASP page.. I don&#039t want that.. I want it to actually load the ASP page!.. anybody know?

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    Use:<BR><BR>Response.Redirect strURL<BR><BR>where strURL is URL of the welcome page (like "welcome.asp").

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