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    I have a COM component (VB) from which is use "shell" function to execute a simple .bat file (with single line, echo "hello" > c: emp.txt). I instantiate the object of this component in ASP and call the method of it which executes "Shell" function. In debug mode it runs fine and shows me the correct return value (non-zero) but its not creating any file (C: emp.txt). I also tried running notepad using shell function. Task list shows notepad process running but i can't see any instance of notepad open. What cud be the prob?

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    1. don&#039;t try and open GUI apps such as notepad from ASP - they&#039;ll run on the server, and you&#039;ve got no way of closing them (hence they&#039;re generally disallowed)<BR>2. it&#039;s possible (probable) that IUSR doesn&#039;t have permissions to do this.

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