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    Default I require good suggestion.....

    Hi, <BR><BR>I have Two tables of Data in SQL. <BR><BR>These Tables Will be modified with statements like...insert,update,delete through some ASP pages simultaneously by different users. <BR><BR>For example... <BR>In my first ASP page , i will insert each row into Table1 and Table2. <BR>In second page i will Update Some Columns in Table2. <BR>In 7Th page i will delete some columns fron Table1 <BR>IN 8th page i will insert Some data into table1 <BR>And now in My last Page i wanted to "undo" all changes made since from begining of my first ASP file <BR><BR>how to do so? <BR><BR>All These pages will be accessed simultaneously by at least 5 different users from different locations with unique sessions. <BR><BR>Here i should not(am unable) to use "Stored Procedures" <BR><BR><BR>Kindly give me good suggestion. <BR><BR>Thx in advance. <BR><BR>P vasanth.

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    Default I don't see what you're getting at....

    ... and I suspect you don&#039;t either.

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    Default Why?

    What are you trying to accomplish? I&#039;m confident there is a better solution then the one you&#039;re working on above.

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