Possible to redirect "fp_sNoRecords"?

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Thread: Possible to redirect "fp_sNoRecords"?

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    Default Possible to redirect "fp_sNoRecords"?

    For a given query I would like the user to be redirected based on whether any data was returned or not, so instead of just changing the text in fp_sNoRecords="No Records Returned" I would like to do a redirect to a static page explaining why there were no records. Is this possible, and how?.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Phillip

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    Default Of course...

    ...show your code.<BR><BR>Though I have no idea what "fp_sNoRecords" is. I presume something generated by FrontPage because of the "fp" prefix.<BR><BR>But no code, no way to help.<BR><BR>

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