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    Hi all<BR><BR>Is it possible using asp to ping an ip address and return a value so that I can validate if a person is still online.<BR><BR>i have seen this being achieved with com objects but wonder if this is the only way.<BR><BR>Is there any other way to detect if a user has been disconnected as at the mo, it lists all the users logged in and if the browser window is closed or the select logout, the system logs them out. if the connection to the internet is terminated, they remain listed.<BR><BR>If anyone has any ideas how a detection of this can be achieved, please reply<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Carl

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    Default You need a component...

    ...but the component *could* be a standard MS component.<BR><BR><BR><BR>You could run a shell script that does ping, since that&#039;s available from the command line in MS DOS mode.<BR><BR>

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    Default Also, many ISPs make components

    available to you as part of their hosting services. For example my particular host provides IP Works Internet Toolkit which includes ping, traceroute, whois, udp, icmp, imap, and more.<BR><BR>So take a look at your ISP first ; )<BR><BR>Pete

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