I have a script that generates a mailto: string in the form of "mailto:someone@somewhere.com&cc=someoneelse@somew hereelse.com&subject=my%20subject&body=my%20body%2 0text" and then I use it in a redirect statement (e.g. response.redirect "myemailstring". It works fine if the client is using netscape, but I can not get it to work (and I&#039ve tried this on several different machines) from IE/Outlook. When browsing in IE, the script invokes outlook or outlook express and I get an error message saying the email client is not installed properly followed by a redirect to a "page can&#039t be found" error. I get this message even on machines that are only using IE/Outlook (don&#039t even have netscape installed)...and everything works fine in both browsers/email-clients if I drop the "body" text from the string (i.e. just have address & subject info in my string). I did some research on the MSDN site and believe I&#039m doing the string right.<BR><BR>Any ideas? Thanks in advance...jbrewer146@aol.com<BR><BR><BR>Any ideas on how to make this work?