Hi ,<BR>I am trying to put the recordset i get upon executing a SQL, into the session and well it is not going!!<BR><BR>heres the code and the error<BR>---------------------<BR><BR>Dim sqlstr<BR>sqlstr = "select count(user_name) from users where user_id &#062; " & Cint(Request.QueryString("box")) & " "<BR>rs = cn.execute(sqlstr,adopenstatic)<BR> <BR>Line 19 &#062;&#062; Session("srs") = rs<BR>cn.close<BR>Set cn=Nothing<BR>-----------------------<BR>now i get the folowing error....<BR>-----------------------<BR><BR>Session object error &#039ASP 0185 : 8002000e&#039 <BR>Missing Default Property <BR><BR>/search.asp, line 19 <BR><BR>A default property was not found for the object. <BR><BR>-----------------------<BR><BR>Any clues??