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    Hi:<BR><BR>I have a .csv file . I&#039;m putting those contents in a table.<BR>Each row is a table. All rows are of same size only contents are different or some time empty.<BR><BR>eg:<BR><BR>1,sample1,sample2,sample3 ,sample4<BR>2,Test,Test234,Test456,testxxx<BR>3, , ,check3,check4<BR><BR>When I put them in a table the columns are getting messed up.<BR>because data length varies. How I can make them pretty? (well organised data)<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Kiran

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    ...put them into the table?<BR><BR>You should use &amp;nbsp; in cells with no other data, else the cell gets no outline (assumes that the table uses a border; doesn&#039;t matter if it doesn&#039;t).<BR><BR>

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