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    thank you so much, it is a little bit clearer, I was just wondering if you had the name of a good book that would assist me in this because I am in thrid year and know VB, Java, HTML and learning XML but I dont have a clue really about asp or MSXML<BR>Thanks again

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    Please do not start new threads - this is about the same topic, not anything new.<BR><BR>No, unfortunately I don&#039;t have any books on the subject. In fact, you don&#039;t need to know anything about XML - the Microsoft XML objects (the "XMLHTTP" object is one of them) will allow you to make HTTP requests for a given page, submitting details to it. You don&#039;t need to know any XML for it.<BR><BR>As for the ASP aspect, I would personally get the technology of how you&#039;re going to make the requests and parse the data out of the way in VB first. Changing it to ASP will be quite simple.<BR><BR>That said, you need to read up on basic client-server models, I would start at, Do a search for ASP tutorials and immerse yourself in the language. It&#039;s a cut-down version of VB, so don&#039;t expect it to be too alien. However, learn about the limitations of ASP (no persistent connections, etc) - they&#039;re something you&#039;ll need to overcome when you move your app from VB to ASP.<BR><BR>Sorry I can&#039;t be a lot clearer. There&#039;s no easy-to-use method of doing this. You&#039;re just going to have to get it straight in your own mind, spec it out, and then jump in. Sorry.<BR><BR>Craig.

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