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    I am doing a project and I want to do something like "" but on a much smaller scale. What I actually want to do is allow someone to enter information on my page and then I go and search for a cheap flight from airlines like aerlingus, or ryanair etc and bring back a flight that they would want. Could anyone please help me? Thank you

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    ...the idea&#039;s quite simple, and the technology to do it&#039;s going to be quite simple. But coding it&#039;s going to be interesting :-)<BR><BR>What you need to do is look at the sites which you want to "screen-scrape" (i.e. take information from). What gets submitted to that page to create it? What&#039;s on the querystring? How&#039;s the data delimited in the HTML - is there something you can pick out to show a single "flight", and then to show each detail about the "flight"?<BR><BR>Once you have that, I would start off by writing a simple VB program which uses the MSXML object "XMLHTTP" to simulate the requests for the pages. Check that you can successfully submit data to the pages and get HTML back.<BR><BR>Then, I would make some functions to parse the data. So once you&#039;ve requested the pages from the server, you split the HTML data up so you can populate an array with it&#039;s details. That way it&#039;s easy for you to show the customer the flight details.<BR><BR>Then, FINALLY, I would start moving this code across into ASP. The reason I would do it in VB to start with is simple - ease of debugging. It&#039;ll be much easier to see what&#039;s going on if you use VB.<BR><BR>By the way, you&#039;re not really linking to their databases (no airline allows that, I&#039;m sure!) - you&#039;re taking information off their website programmatically.<BR><BR>Craig.

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