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    I posted this in the MS newsgroups with no reply. Hopefully someone here knows why this is occurring.<BR><BR>I have a large collection of controls within 2 group boxes. My goal is to clear each textbox&#039;s value by looping through all the children of the parent groupbox item. MessageBox.Show-ing the values returned brings back something like this for a textbox and label respectively:<BR><BR>System.Windows.Forms.TextBox< BR>System.Windows.Forms.Label<BR><BR>etc etc for each control.<BR><BR>When I do a string comparison using GetType().ToString(), and setting the text attribute of the control to "", the textbox is cleared, but Label controls are ALSO cleared! This occurs when I do a straight comparison, and when I use CompareTo - both the label and its textbox clear out.<BR><BR>So I hacked out a method that breaks apart the string into an array using the period as a splitter and that works just fine. But this is really a hack at best. Why on earth would the label also be cleared with the textbox when the strings do not compare at all?

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    Somewhat off-topic... But why are you doing this via string compare in the first place? I would think it would be better to do a compare directly on the type and not bother casting it to a string. I have done comparisons very similar to this in the past and had none of the difficulty you are. Post your code?<BR><BR>O&#039;Cary

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