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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I have just done a global find and replace (changing all hyperlinks to one server to point to a new location).<BR><BR>There are hundreds and hundreds of matches all in different subdirectories. I was hoping that Dreamweaver (which I used to do the find&replace) would then allow me to push all the changed files to the Production environment. But it doesn&#039;t look like it has this feature.<BR>Can anyone confirm?<BR><BR>Only other alternative is to write a script to recurse thru the dir structure and copy all files modified in a partiicular time to the new location.<BR><BR>Is there a quicker way anyone can think of?

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    As far as I know, at least in DreamWeaver UltraDev, you have a "Synchronize" option, which lets you Synchronize your development server with your production server.<BR><BR>You could consult the Dreamwaever HELP files.<BR><BR>I also searched Google and found this:<BR>

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