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    Default Need a multple page browser with contents filter a

    please visit for details and download free trial version<BR><BR> EasyBrowser is the fast Internet browser that kills pop-up ads, filters annoying media like images,flashes,video,audio and blocks dislikable domains and urls. it support multiple page to enable you to view multiple web site within one window, making web surfing faster and your desktop organized. Manage history, temp files, favorite, search engine and cookies easily,also it supports language translations. EasyBrowser has an easy, familiar IE user interface and even automatically imports existing bookmarks. <BR>

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    I don&#039;t know if Godsky and Bob are gonna come back and read this but all the same.<BR><BR>We are not immune to your developments, you can send us links to what you are working on. This is true for all visitors here.<BR><BR>In this case, we don&#039;t know who you are, you are not a regular, so we probably won&#039;t go see your site or trust your software.<BR><BR>That being said, your site is crap, amateurish.<BR>Only morons are going to download and test your "BETTER" browser.<BR><BR><BR>

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