i have a dhtml javascript that pulls and external file into it<BR><BR>now my external file is a templat.asp page that hase some code in it the request the querystring and loads the content from the database based on the querstring..<BR><BR>now on the dhtml javascript page i have this<BR><BR>window.onload = function()<BR>{<BR> mainDiv.setup(&#039;template.asp?id=&#060;%Request .QueryString("id")%&#062;&#039;);<BR>}<BR><BR>wind ow.onresize = function()<BR>{<BR> ns4BugCheck();<BR> mainDiv.layout();<BR>}<BR><BR>is it possible to do this <BR><BR> mainDiv.setup(&#039;template.asp?id=&#060;%Request .QueryString("id")%&#062;&#039;);<BR><BR>so that when it goes and gets that external file it already carrys the id accross.<BR><BR>cheers aron