While executing my Reader, I find that there are some values which are null. Is there a modification that I need to make to bypass this error:<BR>Operator is not valid for type &#039;DBNull&#039; and string "". <BR><BR>str = "select * from homes where user_id=" & user_id & "" <BR>cmd = new OleDbCommand( str, conn )<BR><BR>conn.open()<BR>dtr=cmd.ExecuteReader(syst em.data.CommandBehavior.CloseConnection)<BR>While dtr.Read()<BR> strSiteTitle=dtr("site_title")<BR> strIntroCopy=dtr("intro_copy")<BR> strIntroImage=dtr("intro_image")<BR> strCompanyAddress=dtr("company_address")<BR> strCompanyPhone=dtr("company_phone")<BR> strCompanyFax=dtr("company_fax")<BR> strCompanyTollFree=dtr("company_tollfree")<BR> <BR>End While