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    Hi all,<BR> I have a problem...I&#039;ve built a website application about a year ago with plain old asp (vbscript) and it&#039;s working fine, but the scope of the project has taken off and now I need to update the web application to (C# to be exact).<BR><BR> The trouble is, I&#039;ve been using session variables(like UserID and Username) in the old asp page, but now that I&#039;ve changing over to aspx, the vbscript can&#039;t seem to be able to access the session variable I&#039;m creating in C#.<BR><BR> Is there a way around this so I can create a session variable that can be access by both asp and aspx pages. If not, and if I do decide to use cookies, would I run into the same problem?<BR><BR> Thank you in advance!<BR><BR>Ken

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    Default No can do

    You&#039;ll need to pass the session values via hidden form elements, querystring, or store it in a database that the ASP page can query from.<BR><BR>.NET will not support sharing session across to classic ASP.

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    u can do storing in cookies, storing in a file or database . Its fine to access the vbscript session and store in DB or above options then u can access from them.

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