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    I have an app that has 3 frames, a top, left and main. The left frame has a drop down box that passes the results of the users selection to the main page. The first time a user makes a choice from the drop down box the query strings holds the values and passes them to the main page, any subsequent choices do not get passed. The variables in the query string are empty. Any ideas?<BR> Thanks

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    Default Is the left frame being refreshed?

    Are you sure the left hand frame is not being refreshed also and loses its parameters? Select an item from the drop down box for the first time and wait until the relevant frames have reloaded normally. Then check the source in the left hand frame to see whether it still holds the query strings.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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    Default my crystal ball tells me ...

    Nothing !!!<BR><BR>please post your Relevant code , how you build your querystrings , pass them etc bewteen your frames.<BR><BR><BR>jon

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