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    If I have three SQL users in a db for three different levels of security, should I have three seperate DSNs to connect to SQL server?<BR><BR>How about if I used my dbo login to set up the system DSN but used the three other accounts in conjunction with the DSN in the connection string?<BR><BR>What is the best practice?

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    Strictly speaking a dsn is not the best way to access a database at all, it adds extra over head to the network traffic.<BR><BR>If you need multiple user security access through asp, simply use a dsn-less connection:<BR><BR>strConnection = "Driver={SQL Server};server=servername;database=databasename;ui d=username;pwd=password"<BR><BR>or, if you set up a trusted connection<BR><BR>strConnection = "Driver={SQL Server};server=servername;database=databasename;tr usted_connection=yes"

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