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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a serious memoryleak problem in an ASP website running on IIS4 NT4 system. For some reason the inetinfo.exe uses more and more memory it finaly craped up the server. since then we restart the server every 2-4 days. does anyone have a clue how to monitor what is happenig on the server (ie objects,sessions,applicatio-object etc)? Does anyone know what could be a reason for the fact that it doesn&#039;t free up the used memory? It would be great to hear from u.<BR><BR>cu Snapper<BR>

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    Default There can be one or

    several issues.<BR><BR>And there have been so many discussions about them on this forum.<BR><BR>I will suggest you to click on the SEARCH link at the top right corner of this page and search for memory leak.<BR><BR>You are bound to see many answers on the topic. <BR><BR>~Roy

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