I have a table with a number of checkbox yes/no fields.<BR>Depending on whether they are checked or not, I want to build a list. for example<BR><BR>Table. Name-text, chk1-yes/no field, chk2-yes/no field, chk3-yes/no field.<BR><BR>So on this specific record, just chk1 and chk2 are checked and would like to list just those two. <BR><BR>So, here is my best guess at a solution:<BR><BR>str = "select * from homes where user_id=" & user_id & "" <BR>cmd = new OleDbCommand( str, conn )<BR><BR>conn.open()<BR>dtr=cmd.ExecuteReader(syst em.data.CommandBehavior.CloseConnection)<BR>While dtr.Read()<BR> strSiteTitle=dtr("name")<BR> chk1=dtr("chk1") &#039;this is a checkbox<BR> etc<BR>End While<BR><BR>then down the page...<BR>&#060;% if chk1 = "True" then %&#062;<BR>... handcode a hyperlink<BR>&#060;% end if %&#062; etc <BR>