... I have an application that uses AspImage to modify the size of a graphic file twice. Once to make smaller if file beyond specific size, and another to make thumbnail. In the full size file I am trying to write my domain name onto the graphic. However, the Image.TextOut causes the file to not render. If I comment that line out the file runs just fine, but without the text on the image as I would like.<BR><BR>Does anyone who might know this component fairly well see what I am doing wrong?<BR><BR> Set Image = Server.CreateObject("AspImage.Image")<BR> Image.LoadImage(strDirectory & strFileName)<BR> iHeight=Image.MaxY <BR> iWidth=Image.MaxX <BR><BR> strImageName = strFileName_3<BR> Image.FileName = strDirectory & strFileName<BR> Image.ImageFormat = 1 <BR> Image.JPEGQuality = 70<BR> call calcimage(iHeight, iWidth, 640, 640)<BR> Image.Resize newwidth, newheight<BR> Image.AntiAliasText = true<BR> Image.TransparentText = false<BR> Image.FontColor = vbRed<BR> Image.FontName = "arial"<BR> Image.FontSize = 10<BR> Image.PadSize = 10<BR> Image.X = 5<BR> Image.Y = 5<BR> strMessage = "MyDomain.com"<BR> Image.Bold = True<BR> Image.TextOut = strMessage,Image.X,Image.Y,False &#039; If I comment this line out the file runs without error but does not write text to image as I would like<BR> Image.SaveImage <BR> Set Image = Nothing <BR>