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    I just check in the FAQ for how i can stored diffirent data in the good Access file, let me explaine my situation:<BR><BR>I have one files that i use to stored all my hockey teams stats,<BR>One file for my hockey players (forwards players),<BR>and one file for my goalies,<BR>All Access files...<BR><BR>I use a form to let my members sending me informations about there games they just played.<BR>here my form:<BR><BR>But i would like to use this form to stored the information by himself. and inside of that i probaly need some javascript to calculate the existing data with the new one...<BR><BR>any suggestion or demo or article that i can refer too ... <BR><BR>thanx guys !

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    Default Here's a few:<BR><BR><BR><BR>http ://<BR><BR><BR>

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