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    I&#039m sure this question has been asked a thousand times before...<BR><BR>Can anyone tell me if it&#039s possible to get a list box to<BR>search by the first, then second, then third character.<BR><BR>eg if I have a list box with the following<BR><BR>ABC<BR>DEF<BR>JAM<BR>NOP<BR>QRS<B R>TUV<BR><BR>If I type &#039J&#039 and then an &#039A&#039 it should highlight JAM<BR>rather then jumping back to ABC.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    That&#039s a function of the browser. You can&#039t change it with HTML.<BR>Someone with a good knowledge of JavaScript may be able to write something that will do it, but it would probably be very complex. Are there any Javascript guru&#039s out there willing to help?<BR><BR>Maybe this site will be of help.

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