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    hi ladies and gentlemen,<BR><BR>i have been using pws and asp for 3 years.<BR>I use to test my servers on a single machine (on Wind 98), with pws and by calling my pages on a browser (like http://myMachine/myApplication/myPage.asp).<BR>For a strange reason, for a couple of days my asp pages are extremely slowly read by the server.<BR><BR>I have installed pws on a another pc with W98 (the os has been recently installed so is clean). I have installed pws from the W98 cd.<BR>It does the same thing : when any page is called with a browser, it takes lots of time (maybe at least 5 minutes!) before seeing the result!!, though the pc is equipped with a 800mhz and 128Mg ram.<BR><BR>i&#039;ve a feeling i will become crazy soon, because i am paid for doing my servers.<BR>Is there anyone who may help me?<BR><BR>thanks in advance.<BR>Sylvain Lewandowski (Paris) -

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    Default 5 mins is a long time...

    &#062;may be it is a component which is hogging the memory.<BR>&#062;may be you are not releasing the objects from the ASP page as soon as you are done with them<BR>&#062;the sql statements might be an issue<BR>&#062;etc etc<BR><BR>Try with a relatively simple page with not much code in it and no component calls.<BR><BR>

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