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    Hi,<BR><BR>We are developing an application wherein the user keys in total hours put in by him for various activities of a project. Basically the application can be thought of as a web timesheet application. The user keys in the activity code( which he should know) in a free flowing text box. This activity keyed in by the user needs to be a valid activity and enters time against many such activities. I would like to validate for the activity on the client side itself. This I would do by fetching all the records from the database into a client side array. This way, server side round trips whenever the activity needs to be validated is prevented. But the issue here is the volume of the data that is fetched from the database. There are around 50,000 records that would be returned and would saving this data on the client side array be a feasible approach. But ideally I would prefer this option for the simple reason that all the validations could be carried out on the client side.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Raghu<BR>

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    pushing 50,000 records to the client, just so you can validate one field? no, that&#039;s a bad suggestion.<BR><BR><BR>

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