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    I have a dropdown box. How do you change a session variable to the value of the selection and then reload the page with the new session variable?<BR>It would need to be done as they make the selection. No submit button. <BR>I need something like an onchange that calls a vbscript procedure that changes the variable and then redirects to the same page (but I cant get it to work)<BR>Thanks

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    personally i stay away from session variables whenever possible. <BR>but I do have a suggestion that might work, and you wouldnt have to load the page somewhere else. <BR>You could use some javascript to change the value of hidden input form data (&#060;input type=hidden&#062;) hope this makes sense<BR>i&#039;ve used it quite a few times when i need to change the value <BR>of something else based on the dropbox, but i dont want the user <BR>to see it.

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