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Thread: SQL Server Date (USA/UK) Blues

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    Default SQL Server Date (USA/UK) Blues

    I have code which inserts the current date/time using the &#039;Now&#039; command into two different fields of a table. One field is nvarchar and the other smalldatetime. The date in the nvarchar field is in british format as I want, but the smalldatetime is in US format which I don;t want.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been on the SQL Server and checked the regional settings and they are English UK. I have however noticed that SQL Server says English US as its language settings.<BR><BR>Do I just say stuff it and change my other field to nvarchar or is there a way to make change the SQL Server language settings to UK English?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default Try the BOL..

    You might also try:<BR><BR>sp_defaultlanguage &#060;login_name&#062; &#060;language&#062; <BR>This changes the language used for an individual login<BR><BR>If you want to go further than that look into sp_configure

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