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    Default nightly process in asp?

    I have a customer who wants emails sent out on a nightly basis to people who have requested they be alerted upon a certain condition. At work here, we do something similar, but since we host our own site, we have the luxury of writing the emailing programs and setting them up as a scheduled task. Unfortunately for my customer, they don't host their own site and I don't think the host would take an exe and set up a scheduled task for this purpose. Is there any other way we could accomplish this in asp or Thanks.

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    Default Some hosts will actually..

    .. schedule calls to ASP files on particular intervals.<BR><BR>I know does.<BR><BR>Otherwise, there are some hack/solutions, checkout for their article on scheduling tasks.

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    Default Possibilities

    You could set up a scheduled task on your (or another&#039;s) server to do an http post to an asp file on the client&#039;s server that does the nightly mailing.<BR><BR>or<BR><BR>You could put a routine in a frequently accessed file to invoke the mail program if the time is after, say 3am, and the mail program has not yet run that night. (Logging the program&#039;s execution to the database.)<BR>or<BR><BR>You could also get a little more business out of them and run the email program from your own server and make remote database calls where necessary.<BR>

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