A student group working with scientists in developing countries and looking to connect science students who have worked in developing countries is looking for help on constructing a web database to share experiences. <BR><BR>Two options to build the database:<BR><BR>1. Finish the ASP.NET site that is 90% done. ( http://www.scihealthnet.org/uploads/default.aspx )<BR> It&#039;s coded as a ASP.NET app. with an Access database. <BR> <BR>2. Start from scratch and do what you know how. <BR> The requirements for the database are fairly straightforward and can be seen through our tour<BR> http://www.scihealthnet.org/tour.htm<BR><BR>If you could make the site for free that would be best. <BR><BR>Please email admin@scihealthnet.org if interested in talking about it. <BR>