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    I&#039ve written an application that is used on our intranet (IIS 4.0) and it is basically an orderform. The user orders items they want, hits submit and gets sent to another asp page with a &#039presubmit&#039 or &#039confirmation&#039 form. Everything is confirmed and the user hits submit and the order is sent via e-mail and the user comes to a page that says that their order has been sent. Now, here is the question. From that page, the user can hit the back button and they will be right back at the presubmit/confirmation page and they can submit the order again. I don&#039t want the user to be able to do that. I want the presubmit page to expire as soon as the user submits the final order. I&#039ve tried using response.expires = 0, and also the META EXPIRES tag, but I haven&#039t had any luck. The page is obviously being cached on the user&#039s machine because if the user hits their back button they are getting that cached version of the page. I want to know how to stop that from happening. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Found the answer at http://www.aspfaq.com

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