Got an Access 97 db and using FP 98.<BR><BR>A little detail: 1sttable is the original db rec as entered earlier by clerical staff. 2ndtable is a "validation" table with passwords keyed to the authorizing user. The field that this user enters (PWfield) is a password validation kind of field to authorize the action being proposed by this record. If it was already entered, it should return a message saying exactly that. If it was never entered it should put out a form so the user can enter the password. The password entered must be on a 2nd table matched to the user&#039s ident so that we know it&#039s THAT person entering the password, not someone else. We don&#039t want to password the .asp itself, btw.<BR><BR>Hope this makes sense (with appropriate script delimiters and sql syntax, of course):<BR><BR>set 1sttable=connect.execute(sql statement)<BR>if not 1sttable.eof then [rec is on this table]<BR> if not 1sttable("PWfield") = "" then <BR> response.write "Password has already been entered" <BR> else<BR> set 2ndtable=connect.execute(another sql statement) <BR> if not 2ndtable.eof then [user is on this table]<BR> &#060;form method="POST" action="postupd.asp?ID=&#060;%=1sttable("ID")%&#06 2; etc [unique ID to upd correct rec]<BR> input name="PWfield"<BR>value="&#060;%=1sttable("PWfield ")%&#062;"&#062;...[allows user to enter pw even tho null now--not sure if this is right here] <BR> ... &#060;/form&#062;<BR> else<BR> response.write "user not on 2ndtable"<BR> end if<BR> end if<BR>end if<BR><BR>My problem is how do I compare what the user entered in the password field on the form (PWfield) to the value stored on 2ndtable? Does the form action basically pass off to the next page (postupd.asp) before I can check it? Or if not, how and where would the value entered on the form be referenced in this script (somewhere after the &#060;/form&#062;, I presume?) so that I could compare it to the value stored in 2ndtable? Or should the proposed new password be passed into the post program and verified there? How do others do this sort of thing?? I&#039m open to suggestion!<BR><BR>thanks.<BR><BR>elaine<BR>