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Thread: add Splash screen on page with multi frames

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    Default add Splash screen on page with multi frames

    I try to implement a "Please wait" Splash screen to a page that has multi frames using the script from:<BR><BR>But my page has several frames. If I add the script to BODY of a form on a frame, then as soon as that frame finishes loading, the Splash screen go away while other frames still load.<BR>Someone has any ideas, please help.<BR>-PLus, the Splash screen need to be at the page center. <BR>Thanks in advance

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    Default Get rid of frames...

    Or...<BR><BR>You can use javascript...<BR><BR>Load a centralized "controller" frame to collect data from the other pages, the other pages let the controller frame know when they are finished loading (use response.buffer) once all the frames have loaded, have the controller tell the other frames to finally display their content.<BR><BR>But as a general rule of thumb, and with server side includes being so popular, and "up to date" don&#039;t use frames....<BR><BR>..:: Whol

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    Default see the response to you on frames

    GET RID OF THEM!<BR>Frames mess up too much

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