I&#039;m having a problem populating a second listbox from the first databound listbox.SelectedItem.Value . <BR><BR>I get no build errors.<BR><BR>In my component page...I have two data adapters. One retreiving all the categories of the database. The second data adapter retrieves all the subcategories in the database based on the Category selected, ...here&#039;s my code so far:<BR><BR>Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load<BR> &#039;Put user code to initialize the page here<BR> If Not IsPostBack Then<BR> myComponent.FillDataSet(DsCat1)<BR> ListBox1.DataBind()<BR> End If<BR> If IsPostBack Then<BR> Dim strCat As String = ListBox1.SelectedItem.Text<BR> myComponent.FillDataSet(DsSubCat1)<BR> ListBox2.DataBind()<BR> End If<BR> End Sub<BR><BR><BR>On my component page...:<BR><BR>for Component 1:<BR><BR>Public Sub FillDataSet(ByVal dSet As dsCat)<BR> daCat.Fill(dSet)<BR> End Sub<BR> Public Sub FillDataSet(ByVal dSet As dsSubCat)<BR> daSubCat.Fill(dSet)<BR> End Sub<BR><BR><BR>Do I need to separate these by components? What do I do to make this easier..or is there a place I can go to better understand these? I&#039;m intent on using the code behind...I&#039;m not about to start coding inline again.