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    Phil Powell Guest

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    Whenever I try to access one of my ASP-script pages I get the following error:<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039 80040e4d&#039 <BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too many client tasks. <BR><BR>This upon accessing the part that opens a DSN-less connection to my db.<BR><BR>What does this mean and what can I do about it?<BR><BR>Phil

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    Phil,<BR><BR>It sounds like you may have out grown your Access db. This usually only happens when Access has more then 10 concurrent users. Ive heard more and less, but I think 10 is fair(MS whitepapers). It maybe time to look into moving to SQL server. SQL will have no problems with this kind of traffic. I think SQL can handle somewhere around 65,000 threads per second.<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>DRUG_DERALER

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