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    I have this directory structure <BR>includes --&#062;<BR>admin--&#062; admin.asp<BR>a.asp<BR>b.asp<BR><BR>the include file in root asp files work fine.. i.e in a.asp and b.asp<BR>but when i try to use the from the includes directory for the admin folder it doesnt work. this is wat i used in admin folder in admin.asp<BR>&#060;!-- #include file="../includes/" --&#062;<BR>i even tried inlucde virtual <BR>is this possible .. or setting parent path is a necessity in IIS ?<BR><BR>brij <BR>

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    .. error or anything?<BR><BR>From admin.asp, you should be able to do:<BR>&#060;!--#INCLUDE FILE="../includes/" --&#062;<BR><BR>Also, ".inc" is NOT a good extension to use for your include files unless you associate the ".inc" extension with the ASP.DLL processor. Otherwise, IIS, when you request the .inc file directly, treats them as plain text and returns your ASP code.

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