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    Does anybody know of a good tutorial or an easy way to create a Flash file and display information from a database? <BR><BR>All I want to do is display one field (1 line of text) in a flash file so I can make it look snappy with some different text effects.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance...

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    ...http://www.flashkit.com is pretty good. Lots of user-submitted tutorials, which means there are lots. However, you might find their coding&#039;s rather... "abstract"... That said, I did certainly find lots of interesting bits on there when I was starting out on ActionScripting.<BR><BR>You&#039;ll want to investigate either the loadVars object, or the XML object. Personally I would go with XML - you can send back a fully-fledged XML document and Flash&#039;ll automatically prepare it into nodes etc for you. However, if you&#039;re sending back just text, it may be overkill. Using loadVars, you simply return data as a string:<BR>&myvar1=myvar1value&myvar2=myvar2value...<BR>It populates an array for you, and you pull the data out of it.<BR><BR>Craig.

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