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    I have an ASP page that most of the time is interfaced by humans. But, we are starting to want use this file in an automated process. That is there is another program (SAP) that will generate a text file. When this text file appears in a directory, I want the ASP file to process it and spit out another text file. The part I&#039;m asking about is getting the appearance of a text file to trigger the ASP file.<BR><BR>How do I get the ASP file to process a text file when a text file appears.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Rick Waller

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    Default Don't do it in ASP...

    If you want to write the code in VBScript, fine. But then use WSH (Windows Script Host) to run a ".vbs" file, instead of using ASP.<BR><BR>In order to use ASP, you&#039;d have to have some browser window open 24 hours a day on some machine, constantly refreshing itself, waiting for the file to appear. So what happens if the browser machine is turned off??? Now nothing happens.<BR><BR>Use WSH.<BR><BR>

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