I have an awesome htc script that requires my tables to use TBODY and THEAD. There are no built in tags for TBODY and THEAD in .net as far as I can tell. I am building my table rows like this.<BR><BR>Dim i<BR> For i = 0 To oFiles.Count - 1<BR> Dim FileName As New TableCell()<BR> FileName.Text = oFiles(i).Name & "." & oFiles(i).Extension<BR><BR> Dim FileSize As New TableCell()<BR><BR> Dim Size As New FileInfo(oFiles(i).Path & oFiles(i).Name & "." & oFiles(i).Extension)<BR> FileSize.Text = CInt(Size.Length / 1000) & " k"<BR><BR> Dim CreatedDate As New TableCell()<BR> CreatedDate.Text = oFiles(i).CreationDate<BR><BR> Dim FileEdit As New TableCell()<BR> FileEdit.Text = "&#060;a href=&#039;?action=edit&fileexplorer=false&fileid= " & oFiles(i).ID & "&#039;&#062;Edit&#060;/a&#062;"<BR><BR> Dim FileDelete As New TableCell()<BR> FileDelete.Text = "&#060;a href=&#039;?action=delete&fileexplorer=false&filei d=" & oFiles(i).ID & "&#039;&#062;Delete&#060;/a&#062;"<BR><BR> Dim FileRow As New TableRow()<BR> FileRow.Cells.Add(FileName)<BR> FileRow.Cells.Add(CreatedDate)<BR> FileRow.Cells.Add(FileSize)<BR> FileRow.Cells.Add(FileEdit)<BR> FileRow.Cells.Add(FileDelete)<BR><BR> FileExplorer.Rows.Add(FileRow)<BR> Next<BR><BR>I need to create a Thead before this and a TBOdy tag around this. Any Suggestions?