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    How to create popup box for descriptioninformation? What I mean is on the website, there are so many options displayed in short form. Whenever we place cursor on top of that short description, I would like to display full description on a popup box, like MSDN website and many other. How can I do that? Thanks for your help..JY

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    Default I hope I understand

    I looked at the msdn homepage (msdn.microsoft.com) and the only thing that is like what you said is a simple thing...<BR>let&#039;s say you have an image at the page that looks something like this:<BR>&#060;img src="images/an image.gif" name="image1"&#062;<BR>if you want that when a user points with the cursor on that image a little pop up will come out you have to do this:<BR>&#060;img src="images/an image.gif" name="image1 alt="your description here"&#062;<BR>that&#039;s all. I&#039;m sure it works for images, not sure about other stuff.. I think you can also put it in a td tag.. (&#060;td&#062;) not sure about it. try it.<BR>another way to do what you want is to use layers (or &#060;div&#062; for explorer), that&#039;s a little more complicated but not that much.

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