HELP! MY Cookies will NOT go away!

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Thread: HELP! MY Cookies will NOT go away!

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    I set my cookies with this code:<BR>Response.Cookies("int_agentid").Expires=d ateadd("y",4,date)<BR>Response.Cookies("agentnumbe r").Expires=dateadd("y",4,date)<BR>Response.Cookie s("int_accesslevel").Expires=dateadd("y",4,date)<B R><BR>And I "Kill" them with this code:<BR>Response.Cookies("int_agentid").Expires = date-1<BR>Response.Cookies("agentnumber").Expires = date-1<BR>Response.Cookies("int_accesslevel").Expires = date-1<BR><BR>I put a response.write of the cookies before, and after I do my processing, when I run the page to "Log out" it removes the cookies, I know it does because my debug printout says it does<BR><BR>I can sit on one page and refresh a hundred times and the cookies do not go away, but as soon as I navigate to another page, BAM! my cookies come back, *** is going on?!?!<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    If Expires is set to a past date then it will expire when the browser is closed. <BR><BR>

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