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    gmny Guest

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    Is it possible to force a &#060;SELECT&#062; to be a certain width regardless of the data it contains?<BR><BR>THX

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    JOEL M Guest

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    as far as making it smaller than the text in there I don&#039t think so, but you can got the getto way to make it bigger than the text and just put one entry in there that looks like this:<BR>----------------<BR>or maybe:<BR>---=&#060;my list&#062;=---<BR>or something cheezy like that

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    gmny Guest

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    Thank you

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    There&#039s a better way of doing it and it doesn&#039t look as cheesy..<BR><BR>You can do the following:<BR><BR>&#060;SELECT.... STYLE="Width:150;"&#062;<BR><BR>just adjust the width value and that&#039ll do it.<BR>

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