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    Hi all. I&#039;m trying to use CDONTS to send mail and it&#039;s my first time doing it. All other times I&#039;ve used components such as ASPMail and ASPEmail. I&#039;m receiving this error when trying to send an email:<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a01ad&#039; <BR><BR>ActiveX component can&#039;t create object <BR><BR>/elink/eform2_submit.asp, line 24 <BR><BR>MS Knowledge Base says it&#039;s a "DLL error", but when I checked with our Sys Admin, he said he doesn&#039;t want to mess with installing/reinstalling parts of the IIS 4 because the server is already in bad shape. He recommended that I either find a way to use CDONTS on a different port (port 30) than the default port of 25, or wait til we get a new server.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do?<BR><BR>TIA.<BR><BR>- Derek Meyer

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    that usually means that there&#039;s a dependent object that&#039;s not installed or configured. usually.

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