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    wini Guest

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    What is date function in java script which can be used to convert a text field into a date field<BR>

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    Tummala Guest

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    see the 7th line...i think that is the answer<BR>/*<BR> Given a date as a string, return the day of the week<BR> as an integer between 1 and 7. Note Sunday = 1.<BR>*/<BR>function dayofweek( datestr ) {<BR> var dati;<BR> dati = new Date( datestr ); // make datestr into a Date <BR> instance<BR> return( 1 + dati.getDay() ); // get the day of the week <BR> and add 1<BR>} // since getDay() returns a number between 0 and 6<BR>/*<BR>

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