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    I have used IIS successfully for a long time to test asp pages locally, but now it does not work anymore. I have reinstalled it many times and even repaired my Windows 2000 installation, but nothing works. The only thing that I can think of that has changed is that I am now connected to the Internet via a proxy server at my university. Could that connection interfere with the Web server on my own computer? If so, what can I do?

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    There is 1 possibility that comes to mind.<BR><BR>Try this:<BR>In IE under tools - internet options... - connections - LAN settings check the box that says "Bypass proxy for local addresses."<BR>If that doesn&#039;t help then same place but under advanced try putting in the "bypass proxy" box.<BR><BR>If none of the above help then, I must&#039;ve misdiagnosed and the Proxy has nothing to do with it. In this case knowing the type of error you get accessing the server would be most usefull.

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