Major Problem with Aspnet caching?

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Thread: Major Problem with Aspnet caching?

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    I have a situation where i've changed the uid and password in a sql server and thus was required to change it in the global.asax in my current aspnet app. When i go to access it now, it gives me an authentication error referencing an assembly that a.) isn't located in that directory because b.) that folder doesn't exist anywhere on the server. the following steps have been tried: 1.)Stopping IIS and restarting it, 2.) Rebooting the web server itself and 3.)Connecting manually w/o a dsn or application settings (ie dsnless connection). I've done everything short of reformatting and beating my head against the wall. does anybody have any suggestions?

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    How is this related to caching?<BR><BR>What assembly, one of yours? a system assembly?<BR>Does the app compile?

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