I am having a problem with early versions of Netscape with ASP.NET. (Versions 4.5-4.8). The page loads fine, but if text is scrolled off the window the browser gets minimized, the text turns to ansi ÓÓÓÓÓ looking characters. The only way to get the text back is to refresh the page, and of course any scrolling and the text goes back to ansi characters.<BR><BR>I saw a few posts on www.asp.net but noone with a cause or solution. This only happens with those version of netscape, newer versions work fine. I can do a view source out of 4.7 and past the code into an html page and have no problems. Seems to be something with the .aspx page. Also, most of the page is static content.<BR><BR>For some reason those browsers have to be supported. Does anyone anyone knows the cause or solutions for this. Below is a link to the site im working on, so you can have a look. As you can see the main page does not have a problem. It has a fair amount of server generated content. The other pages, have very little and are having the problems.<BR><BR>http://betaone.mountainstate.edu<BR><BR>