Anyone Using Dreamweaver MX?

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Thread: Anyone Using Dreamweaver MX?

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    Default Anyone Using Dreamweaver MX?

    Do you love it, hate it? Would you rather use something else?

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    I am using it, I have no complaints, I am only using the editor though. I hand write everything. I do however use it for making tables and things like that. I was using a plain text editor. I would like to get to the point where I use more of the features. I do very much like the way that DW finishes the code for you, pust on the ending tags, etc... Also the way it highlites the place on the page below when you are writting the code. Although I don&#039;t see that often because I am writting mosly ASP. I like it however, it is a nice editor.<BR><BR>AndrewDBA<BR>

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